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Skylie Stichter

Junior Elite


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Years at DES Dance: 8

About Skylie

How many years have you been dancing?  8 years

What is your favorite style of dance?  Contemporary

What is your favorite color?  Teal

What is your favorite animal?  Snow Leopard

What is your favorite movie?  Zombies 3

What is your favorite food?  Chicken Alfredo

What is your favorite song?  Soldiers by Rachel Platten

What is your goal this season in the company?  To make top 5 all season.

Most Memorable Accomplishments

- Receiving Double Platinum twice this season for my solo.

- Our group receiving the "Entertainment Award + Golden Ticket + Regional Champion" awards.

- Receiving "Perfect Pair" award for my Sister and I's duet.

- Receiving "Powerhouse Performer Award" at In10sity.

- Receiving the costume award for my solo "Irreplaceable" outfit.

- Receiving the stand out award for my trio with Elianna and Remi.

- Placing top 10 all season.

- Getting 1st and 2nd Runner Up for Title this season.

- Getting 1st overall my very first time competing a solo.

- Getting 2nd Place at Noble County's Got Talent winning $500

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