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Remi Stichter

Junior Elite


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Years at DES Dance: 6

About Remi

How many years have you been dancing?  6 years

What is your favorite style of dance?  Jazz

What is your favorite color?  Blue

What is your favorite animal?  Panda

What is your favorite movie?  Space Jam

What is your favorite food?  Mac & Cheese

What is your favorite song?  Girl in the Mirror by The Ninja Kids

What is your goal this season in the company?  To beat my sister.

Most Memorable Accomplishments

- Placing 1st 3 times this season.

- Receiving - Premier Petite Miss Nexstar Title Winner

Receiving - Photogenic Champion

- Receiving the Non-Stop Dancer Finalist at 24Seven.

- Winning 1st Place my first year doing a solo at 6 years old.

- Receiving "Perfect Pair" award for my sister and I's duet.

- Our group receiving the Entertainment award, Golden Ticket, Regional Champion, and the EEE Award.

- Getting 1st runner up for title.

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