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Aleaha Jarvis-Steiner

Junior Elite


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Years at DES Dance: 7

About Aleaha

How many years have you been dancing?  8 years

What is your favorite style of dance?  Hip-Hop

What is your favorite color?  Purple & Teal

What is your favorite animal?  Horse

What is your favorite movie?  Dolphin Tale

What is your favorite food?  White Rice & Chicken

What is your favorite song?  I Hope You Dance by Le Ann Womack

What is your goal this season in the company?  To do better than I did last year.

Most Memorable Accomplishments

- Dancing since age 3

- Winning the Twisted Britches Pageant 2022 - Miss Twisted Britches

- Being a student leader at school.

- Been baptized.

- Gotten a lot of awards with DES Dance Company

- Making a lot of friends through dance, etc.

- Doing 4-H

- Doing lots of activities, cheer, jiu jitsu, softball, golf, acro, and tennis.

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